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Composting Toilets -- What to look for.

Top five things to look for when considering a composting toilet.

1.  Does the unit have a drain? This is of utmost importance.  MullToa Waterless Composting Toilets do not have a drain. MullToa electric units evaporate 100% of the liquid, the composting process is accelerated with mixing, heat and air flow resulting in humus, a dry loamy material comprised of fully broken down fecal material, paper, and nutrients. 

If the toilet you are considering, has a drain or emergency overflow you can bet it will be needed one day, so do your homework first and contact your municipality to see what the local authority has to say.  Many will not allow any composting toilets with drains or overflows, and by the way, toilet waste is never allowed into grey water systems or pits (grey water pits are for sink and shower waste alone). 

2. Venting. Does the unit have a fan that pushes air flow up the vent pipe?  MullToa Composting toilets have a patented design whereby the air is drawn up the vent by the chimney effect (the same way a chimney draws smoke).  This enables the unit to be odour free when turned off and -- even during a power outage.

Composting toilets that have inline fans or a fan that pushes air upwards will not vent well during a power outage, or when the unit is off.

Those are the two biggies.  And they are super important.  Here are a few more items to consider....

3.  Step?  Is the unit accessible to all ages, stages and abilities?  MullToa units have a comfortable seat height of 19.5 inches (metric).

4.  Maintenance and attention.  Does the unit require manual mixing by means of a crank handle, levers or is it automatic?  MullToa Composting Toilets automatically mix the toilets contents when the seat lid is closed.  Two of our models (MullToa 65 & MullToa 55) have maintenance indicators LED which let your know when the units requires emptying.

5.  Adjust to participants.  Is the unit always at maximum power or can you adjust according to number of guests?  MullToa Composting Toilets are smart.  All electric models have an adjustable thermostat allowing you to tailor to your own personal needs. 

MullToa toilets are easy to install (and use!) have no drain, no odours, are fully automatic.

Click here for more detailed information on how MullToa Toilets work.

Individual models can all be seen here.

If you have any questions please give us a call or email.  

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  • EDye mOrrisey

    I will bet these would be a good idea to have up in the Northern part of the province. Nice clean and healthy way to. Deal with human waste.

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