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Older Septic System? You have options.


Complete system replacement is not the only option for older or abused septic systems.

Older septic systems and those abused by excess use can be restored by a process of microbial bioremediation.

Leaching beds aka tile fields are a vital part of how your septic system works (and the most expensive component to install and replace).  The tile/leach fields can become over burdened with age or excess use and eventually plug up with excess organic material leading to sluggishness, break out, ponding, odours, etc.

Microbial Bioremediation is a process that restores percolation in the septic field.  It is an ideal preventative measure for older systems and a effective solution for septic systems clogged or slow due to organic loading and buildup.

How leach field bioremediaiton works

The biomat (accumulated organics) is oxygenated with an oxygen release compound and then targeted waste digesting microbes are added to the septic tank outlet or pump chamber.  Microbes digest the organic build up in the pipelines and surrounding gravel, sand, and soil, resulting is restored percolation in the leaching field.

This process has been around for many years and utilized by different industries.  In the case of soil contaminated by petroleum products, different microbes are used.  When dealing with home and cottage properties EcoEthic's targeted waste treatment microbes are extremely effective.

Bioremediation is effective in a variety of circumstances.  When is it ideal and when is it not?  As a preventive maintenance action, particularly with older systems, bioremediation is recommended.  Septic systems can last a lifetime.  When a septic system is plugged or slow due to excess organic loading, bioremediation is ideal.  If the infrastructure is physically broken, you need a repair or replacement.

Bioremediation uses microorganisms and their biological processes (metabolism) to remediate organic contamination in soil.  EcoEthic recommends bioremediation in older systems and cases where the system is either of concern, replacing a septic bed is not possible or not cost effective.

Do you have an older septic system?  No worries.  Clean it out, revive and restore function to slow septic beds with EcoEthicPRO Bioremediation Kit.

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