MullToa 65 Waterless Composting Toilet

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    • Fully Automatic
    • Odourless
    • No Water or Plumbing or Drain to Hook up
    • Easy to Install
    • Quiet Operation
    • Plugs into standard electrical outlet
    • Low electrical consumption
    • Nordic EcoLabel Certified - strict Scandinavian certification

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    The MullToa 65 (Biolet 65 in the USA) is a great choice for 4 people full-time use and 6 people part-time use.  The MullToa 65 is the perfect size for your home or vacation cottage.

    With its fully automated operation, equipped with a compost cover which hides any contents from view, a thermostat, fan, and automatic mixer (no handles to crank), it's easy to see that this toilet means business. Approved and certified by the world's leading testing authorities, the MullToa 65 is the most advanced and reliable composting toilet. 

    No water in, and no drain out means you can place this toilet in locations that would other wise be impossible.  Unlike incineration units, the Mulltoa have low electrical consumption and there is no delay between users.  With a comfortable seat height of 20.5 inches, the odourless MullToa does not require a step.  In addtion to Cottages & Cabins our MullToa 65 is a great choice for Bunkies, Boathouses, and Barns.

    As with all MullToa toilets, the MullToa 65 is easy to install by anyone with basic handy person knowledge in just a couple hours with common household tools.

    Environmentally friendly operation. The MullToa 65 is the only composting toilet to carry the Svan Ecolabel (Nordic EcoLabel). This certification is the most stringent approval and most thorough testing for closed toilet systems in Scandinavia (and the world).

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Specifications & Measurements
    Capacity (based on 5 toilet uses/person/day): 4 people full time, 6 people part time (up to 5 days in a row)
    MullToa 65 dimensions: H 26in x W 25.5in x D 32in (H 66cm x W 65cm x D 81cm)
    Floor space required (to allow compost tray to be emptied): W 25.5in x D 54in (W65cm x 135cm)
    Seat height: 20.5 in (52 cm)
    Electrical requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 355W max
    Shipping/Toilet Carton: D 32in x W 25in x H 27.5in ; 70lb ~ Mulch Carton: D15in x W19in x H 9in ; 30lb

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