TinyJohn 3.0 by EcoJohn

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  • $4,889

    • Fully Automatic
    • Compact, Sleek Design
    • Closed System Toilet (above floor)
    • Economical fuel consumption
    • No Drain or Water Connection
    • Easily Installed
    • 50 Uses per Day
    • Quiet Operation
    • Made in the USA
    • Perfect for Cabin, RV, Tiny Home or Off-Grid!

      Introducing ...

      The TinyJohn 3.0 is the latest incinerating toilet offered by EcoJohn.  Made in the USA the TinyJohn 3.0 is perfect for cabins, tiny homes, boats, RV's, and other off-grid applications for up to 5 people, or 50 flushes per day. Compact and tastefully designed, this waterless self-contained propane-fired toilet incinerates waste into a sterile ash.  Depending on use the ash bin need only be emptied periodically.  An odourless and simple task.

      The TinyJohn models provide ecological, economical, and logistical benefits in areas where a standard flush toilet is not practical to install.

      Efficient and Economical. Using propane gas (LPG) connected to a standard 20lb, 30lb, 100lb, or larger tank and universal regulator. The TinyJohn 3.0 is available with dual 120V AC / 12V DC backup powered model, or 12V DC power.  Both models have a low electrical consumption to power the control panel and combustion fan making the TinyJohn a perfect choice for anywhere including off-grid locations.  Efficient propane use ensures approximately 150 flushes per 20lb (5 GAL) BBQ style propane tank.

      Easy to Use. Prior to each use, a wax paper liner is dropped into the toilet basin.  This allows for proper incinerating as well helps maintain bowl hygiene.  100 wax paper liners are included with your order. Additional liners are available in both a 100-count or 500-count family pack.

      Odour Free Operation.  EcoEthic Inc. offers the TinyJohn 3.0 with a catalytic converter pre-installed.  This cleans the air being exhausted to the outside, reducing any potential odour (if any) and keeps the exhaust fan cleaner resulting in less maintenance.

      Installation is Easy.  Installations vary from Cottage & Cabin to Tiny Home, RV & Boat and more.  Please review the installation guidelines in the User Manual to select the Vent Kit suited to your location. Standard Vent Kits are sold separately.

      Use the Model Selector above to choose your desired electrical connection.

      Ship times may vary and are approximately 4 weeks from time of order.  This may be delayed with pandemic issues.

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