EcoEthic Septic Care Sign Pac (link below)

EcoEthic Septic Care Sign Pac (link below)

Do you rent out your cottage or cabin paradise?  Have family or guests who are unaware of what should and should not go into a septic system?  Or simple want to remind those who may or may not be aware of septic system care.

These small, simple signs will help to remind guests and family what can and cannot go down the kitchen drain, bathroom fixtures and into the laundry. 

Print out on plain paper or card stock (recommended but not necessary). 
Trim on the black line and either put it up as is or place in a 5 x 7 picture frame.

Each file file contains three individual signs (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room), pick and choose the one to print or print them all.

We have two download options (click desired link below):

Cottage Care on a Septic System Sign Pac

Home Care on Septic System Sign Pac

It is free and an easy way to inform people and help your septic!  Do you know someone with a septic system.  Please share our post!


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