About us

Welcome to our brand new online store!  After a zillion requests from our customers we finally did it!  

A bit about us…

Founded in 1997 by Rob Davis and Catharine Hoare, EcoEthic Inc. is a family business dedicated to delivering technologies that lessen the impact on the natural environment, reduce pollution and conserve water resources.

We believe innovation can help advance the environment and support our respect and love of nature.  

Rob has been influenced from an early age by his father, who was a civil engineer specializing in sewage treatment. The pollution caused by badly-cared-for septics and their negative impacts on water quality was a very common dinnertime discussion. Growing up at the family cottage, Rob spent every waking minute outside. These two influences—managing waste and appreciating nature— were profound and culminated in the launch of EcoEthic Inc. in 1997.  A couple of years ago Rob was surprised and honoured to be awarded the Enviro Hero Award from the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust. “We just want to help people enjoy nature and protect it at the same time.”  

Cath mostly works behind the scenes on marketing and overall company operations and finance.  She also shares a passion for nature and loves cottage country and camping without a trace.

This page would not be worthy without a mention of Teresa Brooks aka The Glue.  She holds everything together, keeps us all on track and everything running smoothly. She is mostly likely the person you will chat with on the phone.  

We have an extensive commercial division.  Should you wish to enquire about a commercial facility please give us a call or email.

For home and cottage we’ve searched the world to find the best wastewater treatment products and truly closed-loop composting toilets.

Where to find us…

23 Thompson Road, Sunderland Ontario  L0C 1H0
tel: 1-888-436-3996
fax: 1-888-337-4676
email:  ecoethic-shop@ecoethic.ca