EcoEthicPRO HC 3.78L

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High Strength Commercial Wastewater Treatment for problematic systems.

EcoEthicPRO HC is a concentrated liquid culture consortium made of twelve select vegetative microorganisms with a specification of 400/500 million microorganisms per/ml.

Onsite wastewater systems rely on microorganisms in the tank and soil to breakdown and remove organic waste. This biological process is performed primarily by facultative anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Maintaining these microbes is critical to long-term system performance.

EcoEthicPRO HC is designed to meet these needs, containing microbes that exhibit a high level of facultative anaerobic and aerobic activity assuring continued system performance.

Used by industry professionals for over 25 years.

EcoEthicPRO HC

  • Ideal for starting up & maintaining commercial wastewater systems.
Restores biological activity in commercial sewage systems and lagoons.

  • Reduces surface scum and bottom solids.

  • Significantly reduces / eliminates odour.

  • Ideal for use in a scheduled maintenance program to enhance system performance.
  • Reduces hydrogen sulphide which creates strong, offensive odours.

  • Reduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.) and chemical oxygen demand (C.O.D.)
  • Continued biological activity in water temperatures under 12o C

  • Restores leach field percolation capacity (included in EcoEthicPRO Bioremediation Kit).

  • Strong capacity for digesting FOGs.

  • Works at high and low temperatures.

  • Effective in pH of 5.0 - 10.0

  • 100% Natural, Non-Toxic and Non-Pathogenic