MullToa 55 Waterless Composting Toilet

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  • $2,886

• Fully Automatic

• Closed-system Waterless Composting Toilet
• No Drain or Water Connection
• Perfect for Home or Cottage
• 3 people full time use or 4 people part time use
• Convenient Seat Height 20½in (52 cm)
• Quiet Operation
• Economical Hydro Consumption (355W)
• Easily Installed
• LED Maintenance Indicator

The MullToa 55 is an excellent choice for any location where a conventional toilet is difficult or impractical to install. 

Ideal for 3 people full-time use and 4 people part-time use the MullToa 55 is an excellent choice for the cottage, basement, barn, pool house or any place where a waterless toilet is wanted.

Equipped with a compost cover which hides any contents from view, thermostat, fan, automatic mixer and double heaters the MullToa 55 is the most convenient composting toilet on the market today. As with all MullToa toilets, the MullToa 55 is easy to install by anyone with basic handy person knowledge in just a couple hours using common household tools.

Flat rate shipping fee of $250 to most of Canada.

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Installation Guide

How the MullToa Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Specifications & Measurements
Capacity (based on 5 toilet uses/person/day): 3 people full time; 4 people part time (up to 5 days in a row)
MullToa 55 Dimensions: H 26in x W 22in x D 28in (H 66cm x W 55cm x D 71cm)
Floor space required (to allow compost tray to be emptied): W 22in x D 44in (W55cm x 110cm)
Seat height: 20.5in (52 cm)
Electrical Requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 355W max
Shipping Information/Toilet Carton: D 30in x W 23in x H 278in ; 60lb

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