EcoEthic Rust & Mineral Build Up Remover

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EcoEthic Rust & Mineral Buildup Remover removes unsightly stains caused by iron deposits and hard water mineral buildup.

  • Easy to use
  • Makes toilets, tubs and sinks white again.
  • Removes mineral rings and buildup in toilets, kettles, coffee makers, humidifiers, etc.
  • Terrific for removing mineral buildup in essential oil diffusers.
  • Even cleans out mineral buildup in fabric steamers.
  • Excellent for any rust stain, anywhere!
  • Great for water softeners too!


Customer Reviews

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Paul MacInnes
great solution

I tried everything to get the stain off my toilet bowl. I scrubbed with a range of different cleaning products and even used a so called miracle sponge. Nothing worked
Then we put this product in and left it overnight. When we flushed the toilet the next morning the stain was 100% gone. Knowing it was safe for our septic system also gave us confidence.

Wendy Yeeates
Rust & Mineral Buildup Removal

We had a mineral build up in two of our toilet tanks at the cottage, I put 1/2 a cup of this product in the tanks and left them over night. In the morning when i flushed the toilets the tanks were clean and no build up. Every EchoEthic product i have used has been amazing. I would recommend any of their products.

Thank you!

D Lippay
Evo Ethic Rust and Mineral remover

We have used this product on a very regular basis for the past 5 years. A small scoop of the product to each dishwasher load helps keep glass ware clean and spot free, while a twice monthly scoop to our kettle and humidifiers keeps the elements free of lime scale deposits.

Our well water is rather hard, and I have not found any other product to be as effective including more advertised items.

It works well.

Thank you for sharing how you use EcoEthic Rust Remover!