EcoEthicPRO Leach Field Bioremediation Kit

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EcoEthicPRO Bioremediation Kit is designed specifically for the recovery of fouled Tile Bed/Leach Fields.

EcoEthicPRO Bioremediation Kits are ideal for:
* slow or sluggish septic systems 

* older septic systems
* heavily used and/or rented properties

Many septic systems have been recovered.
Each kit contains a microbial consortium, a microbial accelerator and oxygen release compound.  The kit contents are mixed together and applied through the septic tank outlet baffle or d-box.  The targeted strains of bacteria rapidly digest (metabolize) organic solids (biomat) in the leach field pipes and surrounding soil.

EcoEthicPRO Bioremediation kits are used by wastewater service professionals and recommended by many engineering firms for the effective restoration of tile/leach beds which have become overburdened by organic buildup. 

Our clients include:
* property owners including cottages & residences,
* schools,
* campgrounds
* provincial parks,
* national parks,
* restaurants, resorts etc.

EcoEthicPRO Bioremediation Kit Contents:
EcoEthicPRO HC (4 x 3.78L) 
a microbial consortium of waste digesting bacteria
EcoEthicPRO MA  (1 x 3.78L)
microbial accelerator speeds removal of accumulated sludge
EcoEthicPRO OX (1 x 2.72kg)
a slow-release oxygen compound
Each kit will treat 100m (300ft) of leach bed pipe.

Please refer to your Individual Treatment Plan, if applicable.
1. Pump all system tanks and pits. 
2.  Add full contents of EcoEthicPRO Bioremediation Kit directly to the leach field through a d-box or septic tank outlet, except for 1 jug EcoEthicPRO HC (add to septic tank).   Prior to the addition of the kit to leach field, dilute each product with 15L to 20L of water in a large pail, or mix kit contents (less 1 jug HC) in a large container with a minimum of 100L of water, and pour directly into d-box or septic tank outlet.
3. Lastly, add reserved jug of EcoEthicPRO HC to the septic tank.  

1 kit per 100m of leach field weeper pipe.

Maintenance:  Please refer to your Individual Treatment Plan, if applicable.  Monthly additions of EcoEthicPRO HC or EcoEthic Septic System Treatment is recommended.

We welcome a discussion of your site and septic system.  Please give us a call or email.

Customer Reviews

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Ashley M
It's stinky, but it works

We added this to our distribution tank that was full of sludge even after pumping some out. We were skeptical, thought we were wasting our money, but a week later and it looks like water!

Thank you for your feedback. It is true one of the products in the Bioremediation Kit is quite pungent as it is bottle fermented. Thankfully it doesn't last or linger as the microbes get busy fast.

Luc Dugas
Effective remediation System

We had our Leach Filed extensively saturated last year so I did proceed with using the EcoEthic PRO product as directed.

One year later we have a now well functioning field.. Highly effective and well recommended

Luc D.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience!