EcoEthic Septic Treatment = Drastic Improvements!

EcoEthic Septic Treatment is recommended by the CHA.

Why?  They did their research!  That's why!  They found that EcoEthic Septic Treatment drastically improved the effluent quality (effluent is the liquid that leaves the septic tank and is absorbed by the tile bed/leach field). The better or 'cleaner' the effluent, the better it is for your tile bed/leach field.

The Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners' Associations (CHA) is a member-driven group of approximately 50 property owners' associations, representing more than 120 waterbodies and 15,000 shoreline properties from across the geographical limits of Haliburton County, in Ontario Canada.

They take their credibility very seriously and after their research, the CHA recommends septic system owners use EcoEthic Septic Treatment.

The read their research click here (link will open in another page).

Below is a brief chart of results.

 Thank you CHA!



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