Alternative Toilets

EcoEthic Inc. offers convenient and efficient waterless toilet solutions designed for cottage, cabin, boathouse, shop, garage, RV, boat, or barn; wherever you desire the convenience of a toilet without connecting to sewer or septic system.  No septic, no problem.

Continual improvements and advancements ensure the toilets we bring to you are simply the best.

Since 2004 we have carried the MullToa/Biolet line of Waterless Composting Toilets.  Odourless, Effective, & Reliable, we are experts on this technology.

In 2021 we added TinyJohn Incinerating Toilets to our line.  These fantastic toilets are ideal in a multitude of installations such as Cottage & Cabin, but we love these toilets as they are also ideal in Off-Grid, Boat & RV locations.