Happy Outhouse ...Happy Camper!

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Happy Outhouse ...Happy Camper!

Outhouse care & maintenance

While no one wants to think about it, there are a few things you should take into consideration to maintain a healthy outhouse. The primary concern is usually odour and to effectively deal with this issue it's important to understand that odour in an outhouse is caused primarily by build-up of ammonia in an anoxic (low oxygen) environment.

Similar to a compost pile an outhouse requires “ingredients” in order to operate well. Ventilation is key to provide some oxygen and to assist the movement of gases such as methane up the vent stack.  Carbon is a key ingredient for the composting process and can be provided in the form of “brown” organic materials such as dry leaves, shredded newspaper or peat moss, however this can fill the pit sooner.

Microbes are the real work horse in a pit or outhouse vault and are responsible for the conversion of waste materials into compost.  Naturally occurring microbes will find their way into the outhouse with regular use, but they are very slow at eliminating odour and don’t do much to reduce volume in the pit/vault.  We recommend augmenting by adding targeted microbes to eliminate odour and accelerate breakdown of solids.

EcoEthic BioSurge contains the necessary ingredients for an odourless outhouse.  It has proven itself over and over again in single outhouses right up to large structures in parks and camps as far away as Alaska.  EcoEthic BioSurge microbes are excellent at converting ammonia odour into odourless nitrogen gas even in a low oxygen environment. EcoEthic BioSurge also contains finely ground carbon which accelerates the composting process breaking down solids.

EcoEthic BioSurge is available in two sizes.  1L Bottle & 3.78L Jug

If you have any questions on care & maintenance of your outhouse, pop us an email or post it in the comments below.


  • EcoEthic Inc.

    It’s best if it doesn’t freeze, the container may break, but it doesn’t actually damage the product. The thawed product is still effective.

  • Warren Jones

    Can the biosurge be stored in the winter without freezing?

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