EcoEthic Septic System & Drain Treatment

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EcoEthic Septic System Treatment is a complete blend of natural bacteria which digest organic waste.

  • Eliminates Odours
  • Reduces Solids Build-up
  • Bacteriological Formula
  • Helps Keep Tank & Tile Bed Clean
  • Easy Monthly Treatments
  • Commercial Quality
  • Recommended by Industry Professionals Since 2001

 EcoEthic Septic System Treatment contains necessary and beneficial bacteria that digest waste in the septic tank, helping prevent harmful solids from entering the tile field.  Ordinary household cleaners, soaps and chemicals can overload and damage the microbial colonies in our septic systems. The 1.14kg container is one year's worth of monthly treatments for a residential home.

For over 20 years EcoEthic Inc. has been recommended and used by industry professionals such as engineers, waste / septic haulers, and facility managers as their choice for improving wastewater treatment quality.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Excellent product. And more than one person has recommended it, saying they have used it for years.


Anyone that has septic tanks this is all you need. Works like it says. Keeps your pipes and tanks clear, healthy and alive. Living organisms that break everything down! Simple way of maintaining a healthy home!


Great product. Easy to use.

Works great!

Using it for last 12 years. My area had a general septic inspection last year. My tank was only 20% full. Most of my neighbours either failed or needed pump out every 4/5 years. This stuff eats toilet paper and everything else that has gone down the sink. If you want a no problem septic system you need to use this product!!!
I use it faithfully.

Thank you! Great to hear how well you did with your septic inspection!

Been using since putting in a new system

We've been using it since we put in the new spetic system four years ago. We also add it monthly in the winter months and our tank and bed have been working perfectly. No orders or backups, everything is great. Thanks for such a great product, I recommended it to all our cottage neighbors.