EcoEthic Septic System & Drain Treatment

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For over 20 years EcoEthic Inc. has been recommended and used by industry professionals such as engineers, waste / septic haulers, facility managers as their choice for improving waste water treatment quality.

EcoEthic Septic System Treatment contains necessary and beneficial bacteria that digest waste in the septic tank, helping prevent harmful solids from entering the tile field.  Ordinary household cleaners, soaps and chemicals can overload and damage the microbial colonies in our septic systems.

EcoEthic Septic System Treatment is a complete blend of natural bacteria which digest organic waste.
  • Eliminates Odours
  • Reduces Solids Build-up
  • Bacteriological Formula
  • Helps Keep Tank & Tile Bed Clean
  • Easy Monthly Treatments
  • Commercial Quality
  • Recommended by Industry Professionals Since 2001

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