MullToa Composting Toilets - Quick Tips

MullToa Quick Tips

  • Use a spray bottle to dampen the toilet paper or to rehydrate the mulch.
  • The MullToa mulch is a mixture made according to the manufacturers specifications.  Do not use other brands or garden mulch.
  • “Finished” compost can be added to an existing compost pile or mixed 1:30 with garden soil and put around ornamental plants.
  • Mulch is only added weekly if needed, not each use. Check weekly to determine if it is needed and add 1-2 cups.
  • Keep the bathroom window closed.
  • Close the seat after use; this triggers the mixing arms.
  • If the weather is humid increase the thermostat setting.
    • MullToa 65: 2 users full time: set to 3-6, 3 users set to 5-7, 4 users set to 7-9
    • MullToa 55: 2 users full time: set to 4-6, 3 users set to 6-9
  • If liquid appears in the right hand tube (as you face the unit) increase the thermostat and reduce use if possible.
  • After the tray is emptied be sure the tube inside is re-connected.
  • If the fixed arm (on the right as you face the unit and it does not move) is not visible the mulch is getting too deep and the tray should be emptied.


For customer support or more information please email or contact us at: 1-888-436-3996.