EcoEthic BioSurge for Outhouse 1L

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Stinky Outhouse?  Not anymore!

EcoEthic BioSurge for Outhouse & Vault Toilets eliminates odour and reduces solids in outhouse, vault & composting toilets without fragrance or harsh chemicals.

+ Highly effective
+ Natural organic formula
+ Concentrated
+ Non Toxic & Biodegradable
Targeted microbes promote microbial activity in the pit/vault thereby eliminating odour and reducing solids.

Ideal for Cottage, Cabin, & Camp!  Recommended and used by children’s camps, national parks and more.

EcoEthic BioSurge eliminates odour leaving you to enjoy your weekend.

Outhouse: Shake well before each use.
  Initial Treatment:  Mix 1 cup EcoEthic BioSurge with 4-5L of water.  We recommend you knock the top of the outhouse "pile" off with a stick and pour EcoEthic BioSurge/water mixture over mass.  
For Maintenance:
 Mix 1/2 to 1 cup EcoEthic BioSurge with water and pour over mass weekly or as required.

Composting Toilet (drum style):  Shake well.  Mix 1 cup EcoEthic BioSurge with an equal amount of water. Pour it into the drum in small amounts and rotate drum in between adding the BioSurge/Water mix.

Other sizes available:

3.78L (click here)

Twin Pack (click here)



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tammi Brown
So far so good

So far so good

Lorne Brennan

The results were astounding. It was a breath of fresh air! Definitely recommend.

Fred M.
Best product ever

Hello, All we can say is thank you for having such a great product ,for the solution of our what used to be our stinky out house at the Cottage . THANKS AGAIN.

Amanda Y.
Great product for our outhouse!!

Great product for our outhouse!!

G. Avery
Glad I found this.

I have purchased BioSurge a couple of times in the last few years. I’ve been very happy with the product.