EcoEthic BioSurge for Outhouse 1L (Twin Pack)

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Save with our Twin Pack at $60 for two containers (Save $6 per unit)

Stinky Outhouse?  Not anymore!

EcoEthic BioSurge for Outhouse & Vault Toilets eliminates odour and reduces solids in outhouse, vault & composting toilets without fragrance or harsh chemicals.


+ Highly effective
+ Natural organic formula
+ Concentrated
+ Non Toxic & Biodegradable
Targeted microbes promote microbial activity in the pit/vault thereby eliminating odour and reducing solids.

Ideal for Cottage, Cabin, & Camp!  Recommended and used by children’s camps, national parks and more.

EcoEthic BioSurge eliminates odour leaving you to enjoy your weekend.

Outhouse: Shake well before each use.
  Initial Treatment:  Mix 1 cup EcoEthic BioSurge with 4-5L of water.  We recommend you knock the top of the outhouse "pile" off with a stick and pour EcoEthic BioSurge/water mixture over mass.  
For Maintenance:
 Mix 1/2 to 1 cup EcoEthic BioSurge with water and pour over mass weekly or as required.

Specific Instructions for Vault and Composting Toilets, RV & Marine Holding Tanks and Port-a-Potty style toilets.

Other sizes available:

3.78L (click here)

1 L single (click here)

Customer Reviews

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Gary Stevens
From the North Woods

We've been using this product for about three years and have never been more satisfied with these results. Visitors to our cabin often ask how we managed to solve the "odor" problem. When I tell them, they say they will need to get some for their own cabin because "that stuff really works!!!" "Indeed it does, I reply." : )

Susan Young
🤢outhouse in the house

Three plumbers can’t solve septic smell when basement pit empties. Adding BioSurge regularly has helped reduce the aroma. Thank you EcoEthic
I use your products religiously and appreciate your monthly reminder.