EcoEthic RV & Boat Holding Tank Treatment

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EcoEthic Bacteriological Holding Tank Treatment eliminates odours in your RV or Boat holding tank.  For both black and grey water tanks.  This concentrated formula liquefies waste for easy draining/pumping.  It cleans level sensors with continued use, and removes build-up restoring tank capacity. 

    • Eliminates Odours!
    • For Use In Both Black & Grey Water Tanks!
    • No Need For Special Toilet Paper!
    • Liquefies Waste For Easy Draining/Pumping.
    • Cleans Tank-Level Sensors.
    • Removes Build-Up...Restores Tank Capacity.
    • Acceptable At All Dump Stations.
    • Contains No Toxic Chemicals.
    • Environmentally Beneficial.
    • Economical…approximately 25 Treatments per container!

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