EcoEthic RV & Boat Holding Tank (Twin Pack)

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Save with our Twin Pack at $60 for two containers (Save $3 per unit)

Our highly effective bacteriological holding tank treatment is the best choice to eliminate tank odour in RV & Boat Holding Tanks.  For use in both black and grey water tanks, this concentrated microbial formula liquefies waste for easy draining/pumping, keeps level sensors clean all while eliminating odour.

    • Eliminates Tank Odour
    • For Use In Both Black & Grey Water Tanks
    • No Need For Special Toilet Paper
    • Liquefies Waste For Easy Draining/Pumping
    • Cleans Tank-Level Sensors
    • Removes Build-Up...Restores Tank Capacity
    • Acceptable At All Dump Stations
    • Non-Toxic
    • Environmentally Beneficial
    • Dry Formula may be stored below 0°C
    • Approximately 25 Tank Treatments per container
    • Fragrance-free

    Our Solution to RV Chemical Pollution since 2001

    All organic waste is broken down by a natural biological process.  Harsh holding tank chemicals stop this natural process from occurring, and when this process stops, odour occur. People usually respond by dumping more chemicals into the holding tank and continuing the odour causing cycle. 

    Next, the holding tank contents are often disposed into septic systems thereby impacting the biological process of the septic system at the very places we love to visit.  Improperly working septic systems can pollute groundwater and nearby lakes and rivers.

    EcoEthic Holding Tank Treatment contains targeted microbes that breakdown waste and eliminate odour.  This bacteriological process results in holding tank wastewater being liquefied for easy draining/pumping and safe and beneficial to septic systems.

    Our formula will ensure there is no fouling of level sensors caused by accumulated buildup.  If you are experiencing fouled sensors and/or reduced tank capacity due to buildup, regular use of EcoEthic Holding Tank Treatment will eliminate this problem.  The microbes will digest the buildup from the level sensors and restore full tank capacity.