Septic Effluent Filter Leach Field Protection

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The ultimate leach field (tile bed) protection.

This effluent filter keeps your leach fields safe with twice the filtration area of most residential filters. The entire filter is in the effluent, making the filter 100% effective. The best feature is the sleeve as it remains in the outlet tee when the main filter is removed for servicing. This guarantees nothing larger than 1/16″ reaches the leach field.
  • Easy to install or retrofit; Fits inside any 4″ sanitary tee.
  • Allows only the clearest effluent to leave the tank.

Effluent filters are now required components on all new septic tanks as per the Ontario Building Code and are effective in ensuring a healthy septic tile bed.  Older systems can easily be retrofit.  Please be aware that noxious gases emitted by sewage can be dangerous.  We recommend having a licensed waste-hauler or septic professional for safe and quick installation of the filter.


Flow Rate
1,500 GPD (5.7 m³/day) Two or more filters may be connected with a manifold for higher flow applications.
Filter Area
132 linear feet
Filtration Size
All materials are noncorrosive in the septic tank environment.  The Sleeve is made of PVC, primary filter is polypropylene and filter connection element is neoprene.
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