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Effluent Filters - What you need to know

Effluent filters increase the life of your septic system by preventing solids and debris from leaving the tank and clogging up the perforated pipe in your leach field. This protects against disruptive and expensive repairs.
Effluent filters should be inspected and cleaned annually.
A clogged filter can cause your septic system to slow down, or back up. If you are experiencing sluggish drains or toilets, and have an effluent filter installed it’s likely time to have it cleaned.  The good news, nothing is clogging your leach field!
An effluent filter is an inexpensive and easy way to protect your leach bed, and in the long run, save you a huge headache!  Newer septic tanks have them installed as per current code.  If your system does not, Order one today and have it installed with your next pumpout! 
EcoEthic Effluent Filter


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